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Booth Decor
Creatively Marketing Your Brand
April 7, 2015 by Dawn Simons

Booth Decor:

Whether you are a small business owner or a corporate manager that promotes your company through trade shows, one of the most important aspects is the appeal of your booth. Above & Beyond can help you create eye-catching and distinctive advertising to attract more clients to your business.

According to Trade Show Advisor, you have only three seconds to attract the attention of potential customers passing by your booth. We will provide a customized package to meet your needs with unique features specific to your company, that will help you make your booth stand out from the rest!

Decorating Your Booth

There are three key aspects to decorating your booth:

1. Lighting

Lighting sets the mood for your entire booth and reflects the vibe your company is trying to portray. Lighting can be calming with candles, or bright on focal points with spotlights. There are a variety of lighting options and we will work closely with you to market your company according to your wishes.

2. Graphic Displays

Graphic displays - booth decor

Graphic displays.

Graphic displays are your main marketing tool and are an important part of booth decor because they display all of the company’s information. Spotlights on your logo and other graphic displays can help attract the eyes of attendees. We will co-ordinate the colours of your booth with the colours in your graphic displays for brand consistency as well.

3. Backdrop

orchard valley spa booth decor

Candle backdrop.

Backdrops are the most flexible piece in the booth decor and you can choose from many different options. Backdrops can range from simple candle holders to a full linen design. This is the feature we can be the most creative with and we guarantee a unique look specific to your request!

Allow us the opportunity to decorate a booth that will help you make your mark and make your company stand above the competition!