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Chalkboard Art
August 20, 2015 by Dawn Simons

Custom Chalkboard Art-3One of our favourite trends heating up this summer is chalkboard signage. No longer just being used in the classroom, chalkboards have become a must-have element in many brides’ wedding decor. Customized chalkboards are an artistic expression that you can use to personalize your decor. Good chalkboard art can be both decorative and provide necessary information for your guests.

Above and Beyond’s chalkboard signs are created by a talented member of our team, and are personally customized for each event. Our chalkboard artist will consider each couples’ personality, and have an overall feel for their entire wedding before creating a reflection of their vision that is professional and unique. One way to share your vision with our artist is to provide a copy of the invitation that will give her a better idea of the style you are looking for.

Custom Chalkboard Art-1We have a great selection of small, medium and large chalkboards that we rent for events, or you can provide us with your own. We also ask that you provide us with an outline of what you would like on each chalkboard, keeping in mind that space is limited. Our artist will take your outline and add her own creative spin to make each and every one of her designs original and unique.

Tips and Tricks

If you plan on doing your own chalkboard art, take a picture of the board when you are done. Often, it will look different in the photo and you can see if you need to add more or less embellishment. This will also allow you to see if everything is readable on your chalkboard. If you create your chalkboards too early there is a potential they will get smeared. We recommend creating your chalkboards closer to your event date and keeping them in a safe place.

Using a chalkboard for your ceremony program is an environmentally friendly choice. However, you must be careful about how much information you put on it as guests will only have a short amount of time to read it!
Custom Chalkboard Art-6
We love chalkboards that feature wedding hashtags for Instagram, and if you provide us with your hashtag before your wedding, we will use it when we post photos from your wedding!

Chalkboard art is very unique and short-lived. Like the wedding itself, only the photos will remain, so remember to take lots of photos of your chalkboard art before your event!