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Winter Weddings
January 14, 2016 by Dawn Simons

The chilly weather lends to fewer weddings during the winter months, but this gives you a great opportunity to naturally stand out. There are many benefits to having a winter wedding and we wanted to share some of our favourites with you.

Get Cozy

Instead of worrying about overheating in your wedding dress, you can accessorize your outfit with items such as a cozy shawl or an elegant blanket. Your guests will also enjoy dressing in longer gowns and wraps, unlike how they would dress for a summer wedding. There is a certain attraction for a romantic winter evening wedding and cozying up with loved ones.

Your photographer will be able to get creative with your pictures and the bride and groom look especially cute bundled up together. Your photos will look extra special with your white dress complemented by a snowy white backdrop.


You may have your heart set on an absolutely perfect venue, but the next available summer date is a few years away. The opportunity to have your wedding at this dream venue may mean having a winter wedding. Not only are venues more available in the winter months, but more of your guests will be able to attend as well. In the summer guests may be busy with holidays and other weddings, so a winter wedding will ensure that the spotlight is on you and your groom.

With the increased availability also comes discounted prices! There is an overall savings to be had when you have a winter wedding. Venues, photographers, DJs and videographers all offer discounts in the off-season, and could potentially have you scoring some major discounts.

Magical Lighting

Turn up the light on your big day with the addition of candlelit centerpieces, a cozy fireplace, or lit crystal trees. Different sources of light will warm the room and make a more inviting space for your guest on a cold winter evening.

This magical lighting would also be perfect for Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year and the perfect time to say I do. You can keep the traditional red and pink colour palette, or do something unexpected, like black and white.

Create your Wonderland

When choosing the decor for your winter wedding, think about enchanted and magical settings. Winter weddings allow you to play with the colour palette. Anything from deep rich tones to pretty pastels fit with a winter theme. You will brighten up the dark winter days for all your guests with something that they can look forward to!

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